Designer Candace Doby is a greeting card junky and a purveyor of positivity. Pep Talker greeting cards were created at the intersection of the two to initially provide her with an outlet to encourage and inspire friends in any situation — starting a business, auditioning for a team, quitting a job, getting through a break up, throwing a hat in the ring, moving to another city, asking someone out, going back to school and more. 

Pep Talker greeting cards hit the interwebs in 2016. 

Each card was designed to be powerful, yet simple, to let customers do most of the (pep) talking. They’re minimalist, mostly monochromatic and primarily hand-drawn. Designs are contained in a box outline to help create clean lines, negative space and overall visual appeal. In fact, many customers buy Pep Talker cards to frame and display at their desks or in their rooms. 

In 2019, Pep Talker added buttons to its product lineup, which match the style of its popular greeting cards. In early 2020, Pep Talker added the brand’s first book, If Courage Could Talk, to its collection. And, there’s more to come in the future, including calendars, planners, magnets, and prints. 

When Candace is not designing, she’s speaking to youth and young adults about acting courageously, or she's traveling solo to faraway places.

For more information about Candace, please visit her website at www.candacedoby.com